Charles P. Scott Symposium
Causes and Cures: World Religions and World Conflicts

January 6, 2000

"Can Religion and Culture Explain International Affairs?"
Fareed Zakaria, Managing Editor, Foreign Affairs

"Human Rights, Religion, and US Foreign Policy: A Retrospective"
Olin C. Robison, President and Chief Executive Officer, Salzbury Seminar and President Emeritus of Middlebury College
January 7, 2000
"Religion and Nation: Competitors or Reinforcers"
Walker Connor, Scholar in Residence, Middlebury College
  "Religion and Statecraft"
Douglas M. Johnston, President, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
January 10, 2000 Lecture on China
Yang Xiao, Graduate Faculty, New School University
January 13, 2000 Lecture on Indonesia
David Rosenberg, Professor Political Science, Middlebury College
January 17, 2000 Lecture on Bosnia
Jacque Rupnik, Director of Research, Center for International Studies and Research of the National Foundation for Political Science
  Lecture on Bosnia
Olga Botchorova, Adjunct Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies
January 20, 2000 Lecture on Africa
Jan Love, Associate Professor and Graduate Director of International Studies at the University of South Carolina
January 23, 2000 Lecture on the Middle East
Marc Gopin, Adjunct Professor at the Fletcher School for Law and Diplomacy

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