I went to lunch with Oren to do this interview and had a very enjoyable conversation about what he, as an environmentally conscious person, is doing to actively make a difference on campus. College life is not the ideal setting to make alternative choices, but Oren is well on his way to setting a college wide example, just by who he is. Oren's simple activities are bike riding, rather than having a car, turning off his lights, unplugging electrical appliances in his room, reduces his personal consumption, and did not even bringing a car to campus (which is pretty big for Middlebury at least). Oren's larger activities includes using a drying rack rather than an electric dryer to dry his clothes. He sets up his laundry to dry outside his hall, goes to class for a couple of hours, and comes home to dry clothes! He also is very active in the environmental community. He is works for campus recycling.

Oren did not have any real formal environmental education, yet he was always playing in the outdoors, and appreciating nature. Oren believes that if we as a campus can make environmentally friendly decisions very accessible to students, that more people would participate. For example, the recycling committee has "put recycling in people's faces" not just giving people the option, but almost making people recycle by the way the garbage and recycle systems have been set up. Another suggestion might be for the administration to make double sided recycled paper a mandatory rule for students and professors to follow. Oren believes that making these choices "mainstream", rather than alternative will increase the number of people who are willing to participate. He iniates, we should follow!

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