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Welcome to the Electronic Discussion

Once you have printed the instructions on this page and/or are familiar with using the web conference,
click here:
Go To Discussion.

For instructions on using the web-based conferencing system, continue reading below:

The following is a brief set of instructions on how to use this conference.

To access this conference, you should use the following:

Username: highered

Password: midd2000

Now that you have your username and password, you click on the Go To Discussion link. A new window will open. You will be asked to log on. Log on using the above username and password.

When you've logged on, the following is a basic procedure you may want to follow:

1. Press

2. Choose the HigherEd_Media_and_Market conference by clicking on the link.

3. In the drop down box next to List Topics, select 'all topics', then click on
List all topics to see each week's discussion question.

4. To follow a topic, click on the total at the end of each topic to see all of the messages.

5. Scroll down to see messages that have been posted to this topic.

6. To post your own message, fill in the white box at the bottom of the page with your remarks.

Press to send your message.

7. At this point, you can press:

View postings
to see what you've just posted.


Return to this topic homepage
to read all the postings (step 5.)


to leave the system.


You should always press at the end of your Motet session, so that other people can not access your Motet account and make postings in your name.

It is strongly recommended that when you first go to Motet's main page that you click on the Help button and take the 10 minute Tutorial.

If you encounter any problems, please send email to Shel Sax ( or call 802-443-5679.