Italian Courseware

Progetto Italica Corso di Lingua
(developed by University of Notre Dame)

This is a website on loan from the University of Notre Dame. It contains extensive authentic video, images and text along with self-correcting exercises. The Italian School is seeking to collaborate with Notre Dame to continue development of this site.

Buon Giorno A Tutti!
(by Edoardo A. Lebano and Pier Raimondo Baldini)

This is the textbook used by the Italian School for first year students. This website contains all the audio listening exercises.

Italian Interactive Dialogues
(developed by Salvatore Bancheri)

Italian Interactive Dialogues are available in all the Mac labs at Middlebury College.

Additional Courseware:

Italian HyperGrammar (developed by Salvatore Bancheri): available in both Mac and PC labs
Calis: available in PC labs


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