Japanese Courseware
Japanese Film
The Japanese Department has made a number of Japanese films available online with the script in Japanese.

Japanese StudyDB
This is a database of over 2000 Japanese vocabulary words. The database allows students to create custom study lists and sort these lists in a variety of ways. As well, the database interface allows students to create multiple choice quizzes.

Also available for Russian.

(StudyDB replaces Flashtrack and incorporates the Japanese database previous available here.. FlashTrack programs are still available for Chinese, Arabic

Spoken Japanese
This site includes most of the audio and video material from Japanese: The Spoken Language

This site was made available for a limited time as an experiment to students of the Japanese School.

Japanese Audio Listening Exercises

Raihosha (5th year Japanese)
Lessons 1-5
Lessons 6-10

Wa Ga Urowashi No Tomo
(My Dear Friend's Letter)

This is Japanese video that was studied by 2nd year Japanese students.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

These area video-cued structural drills:
Passives | Causatives-Passives.

( These videos are made possible by a grant from the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning together with the generous cooperation of Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd.)..

Videos of Classes
The Japanese School videotaped many of their 1st year class sessions for students to review.

Talent Show 2000
Did you miss the talent show? See it online!


Radio Show:
The Japanese School also digitized Japanese Radio Shows

July 26

Slide Show
The slide show from the Sayonara Cruise is online!

Photo Gallery
Some pictures from 2000 are available here! Do you have pictures to add? E-mail them to joshuaa@hotmail.com

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