What is Web Design?


An understanding of web design is crucial for creating web sites that meet the needs that they are meant for.'Web Design' emcompasses the various components that go into making a sucessful web site. The following tutorials and guides will help you gain a better understanding of the structure and layout of web sites and pages within those sites, and how to incorporate text, images, sound and video into your web site.

A website is a collection of:
1) text files formatted in hyper text markup language (HTML) and
2) media files containing images, audio and video.

Start your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).
1. Navigate through the Middlebury College web site.
2. Identify features that are helpful in navigation. What are the weaknesses of the site?
3. How does the site incorporate text, images and audio/video (if applicable) in its presentation?
4. Navigate through another web site such as CNN.com or Yahoo! What features do these sites have that the Middlebury web site did not? What are the weaknesses?

Layering Images

Adding text to Images

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