Russian Courseware

Russian Placement Exams
Ben Rifkin

Russian School Courses
These are course descriptions for the Russian School


: A Basic Course in Russian
Richard Robin, Joanna Robin, Kathryn Henry

Portions of the website for this course developed at George Washington University are being mirrored at Middlebury College for 1st year students of the Russian School

Listening Comprehension and
Phonetics Exercises
Ben Rifkin

This is a web site for 3rd year students.




Russian Poetry
Ben Rifkin

Russian TV:

TV 6 Moscow
Channel 11 from Dnepropetrovsk
KULTURA Television Channel


Why Study Russian?
Middlebury LAN | 56k Modem

A video presented by
The American Council of Teachers of Russian

Intermediate Russian
(Middlebury College Russian Department)

This is the website used by 2nd year students during the academic year at Middlebury College

This site contains dialogues from V Puti as well as Russian poetry and biographies

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