Color Photographs of Vermont from Middlebury College January Term Course 2000 taught by Luke Powell

Color Photographs of Vermont

Middlebury College Students

January Term, Art 029


Thirteen students from Middlebury College present their photographs here. The work was taken during the month of January, 2000. On our field trips we drove over1600 km, riding the full length and breadth of the State of Vermont. However, on only one day did we have good sunlight, and on that day it was windy and temperatures never rose above -18 degrees C. The conditions were difficult, but you will see that the results are surprisingly good. Several members of the class are serious photographers and several more should be.      Luke Powell, Instructor

Members of the Class:

David Barreda

Brooke Beaney

Cari Bivona

Peter Dixon

James Fradette

Monique Monteverde

John Morgenstern

John Priester

Kaitrin Roberts

Julie Scofield

Shannon Shaper

Jennifer Williams

Susan Witt

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