Archibald Archibaldovich

Miagkov has shown that the prototype for Archibald Archibaldovich was Iakov Danilovich Rozental' (1893-1966), nicknamed "The Beard" (for reasons that should be obvious from this photo).

Rozental' was the manager of the Hertzen House (Griboyedov) restaurant and the restaurant of the Journalists' Union from 1925-31. The Bulgakovs were acquainted with Rozental', and Elena Sergeevna mentions him in her diary. (Sokolov BE)

The caricature at right was drawn by K. Yeliseyev in the mid-30s.

Archibald Archibaldovich's name also connects him with a literary prototype, a mysterious character in Andrei Bely's Moscow Eccentric, Eduard Eduardovich von Mandro. (Sokolov BE)