Joseph Kaifa [Iosif Kaifa] (aka Caiaphas)

The Jewish High Priest 19-36 AD. The hostility between Pilate and Kaifa is natural, as Pilate is the representative of Roman authority, while Kaifa represents the Jewish religion and people who were subject to that authority. To expand the empire, the Romans were forced to grant a certain amount of autonomy to the indigenous people.

The scene in which Pilate presses Kaifa three times to release Yeshua parallels those in the Bible between Pilate and the Jewish leaders: Matthew 27:21-23, Mark 15:9-14, Luke 23:14-22.

The Caiaphas Ossuary

Archeologists have discovered an ossuary or bone box containing the bones of a man probably identified as the high priest Caiaphas. "Joseph, son of Caiaphas" was scratched on the back and side:

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