Yeshua Ha-Notsri [Ieshua Ga-Notsri]

The name "Yeshua" is mentioned in Brokgauz-Efron in the article on Jesus [Iisus]. It is also found in a contemporary play by S. M. Chevkin, Ieshua Ganotsri: An Impartial Revelation of the Truth.

Arthur Drevs [Drews] asserts that "natsar" or "natser" means "branch," and "Ieshua" means "God's help." (Mif o Khriste. M., 1924, 21, 25-26). Others claimed the name was connected with the Jewish sect of Nazarenes. Proponents of the mythological school were interested in proving that the name of Jesus "Nazarenus" [Ha-Notsri] was not geographical and not connected with the Biblical Nazareth. Bulgakov was unclear about the birthplace of his Yeshua. In Chapter 2 he names Gamala, but in Chapter 26 it is En-Sarid, which we would identify with Nazareth.