Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov

Griboyedov (1795-1829) was a playwright and diplomat.

Lithograph P. Borel' based on an original by P. Karatygin, 1858.

Bulgakov, also a playwright, loved Griboyedov's satirical comedies. Griboyedov's most famous play is Woe from Wit (Gore ot uma, 1824). Because of its satirical content, it was published only in 1833, and even then with cuts. The full play was not published until 1861. The hero of the play, Chatsky, tells the truth and is branded a lunatic (a situation not unlike that Ivan will experience). Griboyedov was responsible for various peace negotiations with the Persians, which angered the populace in Persia, where he was posted in 1829. An angry mob entered the embassy in Teheran and killed Griboyedov. His mangled body was barely recognizable.

Watercolor at left by V. Moshkov, 1827

The house of D. N. Begichev (Starokonyushenny per.), where Griboyedov really stayed when he visited Moscow in 1826.