Anna Frantsevna de Fougeré

The widower of the jeweller de Fougeré, Anna Frantsevna lived in the "Evil Apartment" (No. 50 at 302bis Sadovaya) before Likhodeyev and Berlioz. The surname de Fougeré sounds funny to Russians because "fougère" [fuzher] means "champagne-flute." That Anna Frantsevna is the wife of a jeweller reminds us of the most famous Russian jeweller, who had a similar-sounding name, Peter Carl Fabergé.

Fabergé was a 3rd generation Russian who managed his father's St. Petersburg jewelry making firm starting in 1870. He opened outlets in Moscow, Odessa, Paris, and London. Fabergé craftsmen made hundreds of rich objects, but they became most famous for the Imperial Easter eggs that became popular with the last two Tsars from 1881-1917.

A distant relative of the jeweller, A. P. Fabergé, lived at Prechistenka 13, where some of Bulgakov's friends later resided. Bulgakov was a regular visitor to the house soon after moving to Moscow. The chandelier and the staircase in the novel may be modeled on those found here.