Margarita's House

a beautiful house in a garden--Given the topographical and architectural details, Miagkov argues in Bulgakovskaia Moskva that the primary prototype of Margarita's house was that of Bulgakov's friend Evgenii Kaluzhskii at Maly Vlas'evskii pereulok 9a (See map). This house had been rebuilt to by V. V. Luzhskii according to plans by F. Shekhtel in the early 1900s with elements of pseudo-gothic. It was razed in 1964.

But Bulgakov also added elements of other Gothic mansions nearby:

Ostozhenka 21 (Kekusheva's mansion, designed by L. N. Kekushev in 1903)


Maly Rzhevskii pereulok 6
(Solov'ev's mansion, designed by S. U. Solov'ev, at the corner of Nozhovy/Maly Rzhevskii and Khlebny).

Because of the garden, others also suggest the nearby Maly Vlas'evsky 12 (though it has neither Gothic elements nor a second storey!).