The Variete Theater

The Variety Theater--the Moscow Music Hall of the 1920's, located in the present day Theater of Satire on Triumfalnaya (Mayakovsky) Square. The theater was built as a circular circus building in 1911 by the architect B. M. Nilus for the first Russian circus of the Nikitin brothers, competing with the old circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard. Bulgakov managed to visit the Nikitin circus before it closed in the early 20s, and it is described in his stories "Fatal Eggs" and "Heart of a Dog."

In 1926 the circus was remodeled as a theater and renamed "Second State Circus-Music Hall," then "Moscow Music Hall." It had 1766 seats and several balconies. One of the acts there was called "Actors of the Variete." In the 1930 guidebook "Theatrical Moscow," the music hall was described as a theater in which, aside from the usual troupe, Soviet and foreign artists performed. It existed as such until 1936.

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