Middlebury College Course Web Page Templates


The templates located here are designed to simplify the process of creating a course home page. Using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Claris HomePage or Microsoft Word, instructors can quickly and easily enter information from course syllabi and other materials to make a fully functional web page available to students and other Internet users.

To browse the course templates, please select one of the links below. These copies are for demonstration purposes only and cannot be edited.

If you plan to use these course templates for your web page, you must copy the template files onto your hard drive. The files are available on the file server SERVAL.VOL2 in the folder Curricular Resources/course_templates/. Select either the Macintosh or Windows templates to edit them with Dreamweaver or HomePage. Download the 'Windows_Template_Word' folder to edit the pages with Microsoft Word.

Select one of the following links to download documentation files describing the process of accessing and editing the course template files.

Please note that to make your web page available on the Internet, you must apply for space on the college's CWEB class web server. To do so, contact Shel Sax by e-mailing sax@middlebury.edu or calling x5679.

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