A l t e r n a t i v e

E n e r g y


Alternative energy living has many different meanings. Our hope was to contact people who have challenged the conventional way of living, in terms of environmental actions in their day-to-day lives that show a sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility stems from a united goal to live in a manner that will not decrease future generation's chance to enjoy the quality of life similar to our own.

The term "alternative energy living" is not meant to show that the people, who have chosen this lifestyle, are in any sense "different". Our goal is to prove that alternative energy living really isn't that different, and it actually leads many to a much more meaningful and sensitive way to live. These choices are real options for everyone and we hope they will become more conventional. Today, many people are becoming more aware of both the environmental and economic benefits of living in an environmentally sensitive manner. Our hope is that this resource will help you understand the benefits of such awareness.

Message from us, the Students:

 There are many ways in which people can "change" their lifestyles in order to be more sensitive to the world around us. We often forget to ask important questions about what we are doing, and how we are living. Questions such as why do I drive this car, why do I shop where I shop, who made the clothes I wear, where does my electricity come from, how does my heat system work, or what does environment have to do with my life? These questions will allow us to see that many of the things we do on a daily basis should be examined, in order to find more environmentally sensitive and conscious ways.

Becoming more aware of the things we are actually DOING or not doing in our lives as humans in a sensitive environment will make life more meaningful with a new understanding of how our individual decisions play a significant role in the larger system. The questions above were essential for this project so that we, as students, could discover some answers and learn more about what we can do as individuals and community members to make our places healthier and more enjoyable to live in.