Environmental Studies
This project was compiled by six Middlebury College students who wanted to learn about alternative living. In attempt to educate ourselves on what Middlebury students, faculty members and Vermont residents are actively doing to live in a more environmentally sensitive manner, we went out and interviewed people about the decisions they have made to live alternatively.

The interviewing process was one of exploring and learning. We had the chance to venture off to different parts of Vermont to question and converse with passionate residents who generously shared their experiences and lives with us. We also had the opportunity to explore our own Campus in a new light. Interviewing our professors and friends has allowed us to come into contact with more people who have been thinking about their relationships with the environment and others.

The project goals were to 1) Gather background information on alternative energy systems and options 2) Learn about what local people have done, or are doing to live "alternatively", through interviews, surveys and informal conversations 3) To see what or who influenced these decisions 4) To provide a resource for the public in order to share the knowledge we have accumulated through this project.