Chapter 20

Azazello's Cream

[Krem Azazello]

The article on the witches' sabbath in Brokgauz-Efron mentions that "before flight the witches anoint themselves with magic creams" and they use "brooms, pokers, tongs, shovels, and sticks" to fly.

Azazello's Cream

lindens and acacias

dropped the jar on the face of her watch

Needle removed from her brain

a virtuoso waltz

Russian dance

The Broom

dropped the jar on the face of her watch--this begins the problems with time, the fourth dimension, which seems extended.

Needle removed from her brain­After applying Azazello's Cream the pain in Margarita's temple which started after her meeting with Azazello, eases, as if a needle were removed from her brain. This needle is also seen with Berlioz in the first chapter and several other places when humans come into contact with Woland or one of his retinue. Both the Master's and Ivan's memories are described as "pricked" by needles.

a virtuoso waltz--again the action is accompanied by music, this time not specified.

Russian dance--the step named is "vprisiadku," the step most associated with Russian dancing by Westerners, involving crouching on one leg with the other out straight, alternating from one leg to the other in a crouching position.

The Broom­the Russian word for the broom that Margarita flies away on is not the typical broom of witchlore in the West, but rather a flat-headed broom.