Dying Fertility Gods

Many ancient Near Eastern religions have gods born of virgins who die and are resurrected annually. Richard Shand has a page on Egyptian and Pagan themes in Christian Tradition.

Osiris [Oziris]

Egyptian god who represented the dead Pharaoh. He was the god of dying and resurrecting nature, the judge of the dead, and was represented as a mummy. Product of a virgin birth.

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Tammuz [Fammuz]

A Sumerian/Akkadian god of fertility who died and was resurrected. Mentioned in Ezekiel 8:14. The Phoenecians lived in what is today Lebanon. Product of a virgin birth.

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The central god in the Babylonian pantheon, patron of the city, which is today located in Iraq. Marduk was god of air, earth, and fertility.


A Phoenecian/Syrian god who was adopted by the Greeks as well. A vegetative resurrecting god.



A Phrygian god adopted by the Greeks. He was tied with a fertility cult through his mother. Product of a virgin birth.

Mithras [Mitra]

From Avestan/Old Iranian. A Persian god whose cult flourished through the Roman Empire from about 50 AD. He was on the side of Ahuramazda in the Persian pantheon against Ahriman. Product of a virgin birth.

2nd Century limestone relief, Rome (Cincinnati Art Museum)

David Ulansey's Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras