Irina Shipovskaia Illustrations 3


"The entire large, semidark entrance hall was crammed with unusual objects and articles of clothing. A funereal cape with a fiery red lining was slung over the back of a chair, and on the table under the mirror there was a long sword with a shiny gold hilt. Standing in the corner as nonchalantly as canes or umbrellas were three swords with silver hilts. And hanging on deer antlers were berets with eagle feathers." (Chapter 18)

"Bathed in sweat, the waiters carried foaming mugs of beer above the dancers' heads, yelling hoarsely and venomously, "Sorry, sir!" Somewhere, orders were being shouted through a megaphone... The crash of the jazz band's cymbals was sometimes muffled by the crash the dishes made as the dishwashers sent them down a slide into the kitchen. In a word, hell."
Griboyedov (Chapter 5)