Hasmonean Palace

The Hasmonean Dynasty ruled 142-37 BC. The Palace had a view of the Temple, which angered the Jews. (El'baum 100).

See Josephus' Antiquities 20.8.11:

About the same time king Agrippa built himself a very large dining-room in the royal palace at Jerusalem, near to the portico. Now this palace had been erected of old by the children of Asamoneus. and was situate upon an elevation, and afforded a most delightful prospect to those that had a mind to take a view of the city, which prospect was desired by the king; and there he could lie down, and eat, and thence observe what was done in the temple; which thing, when the chief men of Jerusalem saw they were very much displeased at it; for it was not agreeable to the institutions of our country or law that what was done in the temple should be viewed by others, especially what belonged to the sacrifices.

and Bellum 2.16.3.

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