Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz and Ivan Nikolayevich Bezdomny meet a strange foreigner (Woland) while conversing at Patriarch's Ponds.


In Yershalaim it is the 12th day of Nisan

Yeshua is invited to dine with Judas of Kerioth. Levi Matvei is too ill to go to Yershalaim with Yeshua.

Berlioz is decapitated when a streetcar runs him over. Bezdomny, strongly affected by the death of Berlioz and the story of Pontius Pilate, chases Woland and his gang through the streets of Moscow and is eventually taken to an asylum.


 Yeshua is arrested while dining with Judas of Kerioth after making a political comment about Caesar.

At around 11:30 a.m. Styopa Likhodeyev discovers that Woland has sent him to Yalta. Woland settles in apartment No. 50.

Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoi is taken away after Korovyov plants foreign currency on him. Ivan Savelyevich Varenukha becomes a vampire

Bezdomny meets his neighbor in the asylum, the Master. Bezdomny and the Master discuss Woland and the events that have taken place since his arrival. While this conversation is taking place at the asylum Woland and his entourage are giving a performance at the Variety.

Grigory Danilovich Rimsky barely escapes the vampires Hella and Varenukha.

Vasily Stepanonovich Lastochkin witnesses horrors throughout Moscow such as the suit without a body and the unwilling choir set up by Korovyev. While this is occuring Margarita rereads what is left of the Master's novel. Margarita then goes to a park where she meets Azazello.


 Pontius Pilate is tormented by the pain in his head due to hemicrania. Pilate interrogates Yeshua and becomes intrigued when Yeshua correctly diagnoses and eventually relieves his pain. Pilate sentences Yeshua to death. During late morning the prisoners walk to the place of execution.

Woland's entourage spends the day frightening visitors to Apartment No. 50.


 Yeshua is crucified as Levi Matvei looks on.



After Yeshua's death a storm desends on Yershalaim. Pilate meets with the chief of the secret police, Afranius.

Margarita becomes a witch after smearing Azazello's cream over her body. She then destroys the critic Latunsky's apartment before flying off to meet Woland and and his followers.


 Judas of Kerioth is lured outside of the city and murdered. Yeshua's body is buried and Levi Matvei comes to Herod's Palace.

Satan's ball takes place with Margarita as the hostess. Baron Maigel is murdered at the ball.


 Pilate finally falls into a troubled sleep.

Satan's ball ends without having used up any time. Woland grants Margarita a wish. She chooses to be reunited with her lover, the Master.


 Afranius reports to Pilate of the murder of Judas and the burial of the criminals. Pilate has a conversation with Levi Matvei.

A shootout occurs in apartment No. 50. No one is hurt, but the building burns. Behemoth and Korovyev perform more pranks that leave many areas of Moscow burning.

Levi Matvei comes to Woland with a message from Yeshua. Yeshua requests that Woland give the Master peace.

Azazello gives poisoned wine to the Master and Margarita. Their bodies die, the Master's at the asylum and Margarita's in her home near the Arbat. The Master is allowed to set Pilate free from his immortal insomnia. The Master and Margarita are given a little cottage to spend the rest of eternity in.


 Pontius Pilate is finally able to walk up the moonbeam with Banga to the light.

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