Einem candy box

The Einem candy factory, now known as "Red October," is located on the island in the Moscow River (109072, Moskva, Bersenevskaia nab., d. 6, tel. 231-71-10, fax: 230-08-66).

The English blurb on today's candy boxes is too priceless not to quote in full:

The joint stock company "Moscow Confection-ery Factory "Krasny Oktyabr" is the biggest manufacturer of confectionery products in Russia. The company is founded in 1867 by German businessman Theodor Einem. "Association Einem" got soon the reputation of manufacturer of high quality confectionery products and became a Supplier to His Imperial Majesty Yard [i. e. Court--KM]. The total volume of products on the base of classical recipies amounts today to 60.000 t per year: over 200 types of various chocolates, sweets, hard-boiled candies, toffees and cocoa powder. Trade-firm style of the factory is rational combination of old traditions and update technological processes. The purpose of our factory is the increase of production of popular products, the desire to bring enjoy to every family.

One of the "Moscow in the Future" series of postcards from 1913:
The blimp behind the now KGB building has an Einem ad! Obviously they thought the factory would be around a long time.