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How to make a course web site from scratch, using Claris Homepage

How to make a course web site from scratch, using Macromedia Dreamweaver

How to upload files to a server (Serval)

How to upload files to a server (FTP)


1. What exactly is web authoring software?

Web authoring software is a collection of various applications that enable you to edit and put text and media (audio and video) on the web. In     simple English, they are programs which allow you to create web pages,  edit images, animations, audio and video files and display them on the web.

2. What exactly is an HTML editor - Are Netscape and Internet Explorer HTML editors?

A HTML editor is a program that allows you to create web pages - it allows you to add text, images, animations, audio and video to your web page. Internet Explorer and Netscape are browsers in which you can view your home page - they are not HTML editors, just HTML viewers. Examples of HTML editors are Macromedia Dreamweaver and Claris Home Page.

3. Can JPEGs and GIFs be opened by only one program such as Adobe Photoshop?

No. The program you select to open the files in, depends entirely on what you want to do with the files. You can open and edit images files such as JPEGs and GIFs in any image editing program such as Macromedia Fireworks, or Adobe Photoshop. The program you choose however depends on which editing application offers you the right tools you require to complete your task. For example if the image file you plan to create/edit, contains a lot of text, Fireworks is your choice because it allows easy editing of text. Photoshop 5.x also features easy text formatting.

4. What is the difference between working in the local site and the remote site?

The local site is the computer you are using to create the web pages. The remote site is a server that you upload your web files to, in order to make it accessible to the public. It is wiser to work on the local computer first and then upload the results to the server because if you work with your remote files directly, it will cause confusion to whomever is viewing your files on the web as the pages will constantly be changing. Also you might decide later on that you do not like the new look of your pages -- however, if you work in the remote site the browsers would have already looked at your updated pages.


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