We are researching spruce forests at treeline in Alaska. During the 1998 field season, we visited 3 major areas of the state, shown with green arrows. See below for details.

Three major study areas for 1998

  • In the Interior of Alaska, we visited the White Mountains (off the Steese Highway). Sites included Nome Creek and Idaho Creek.
  • Also in the interior, we visited the Alaska Range along the Denali Highway. Sites included Monahan Flats, Canyon Creek, and Wrangel View.
  • Finally, we visited the Seward Peninsula near Council, where we will spend the 1999 field season.

Pictures of the 1998 field sites (Click on the Alaska map for bigger photos).

Nome Creek

Idaho Creek

 Monahan Flats

Canyon Creek

Wrangel View

Near Council

The 1999 field sites


 Our 1999 field sites will be near Council on the Seward Peninsula.

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