The House on the Embankment

Judging by Chapter 27, Sempleyarov apparently lives in the famous House on the Embankment. Built in 1928-31 by the architect B. M. Iofan, the huge complex includes a theater, a movie theater, and two stores as well as apartments for the party elite.

Located at ul. Serafimovicha (Vsekhsviatskaya), d. 2, the building has been called "2nd Sovnarkom [Soviet People's Commissariat] House of the USSR," "Government House," and "House on the Embankment." The latter name became the title of a novel about the house's famous residents by Yury Trifonov. The director of GOMEC (one of the prototypes of the Acoustic Commission), Iakov Stanislavovich Ganetsky, in fact lived at this address (Miagkov 150).

The building is on the island in the Moscow River, right next to the Einem Chocolate Factory and across from the Church of Christ the Savior.