Music Rights/Sources for Student Videos

Music in public domain can be found at

Published and Pre-recorded music – obtaining rights: Begin your search by calling the Harry Fox Agency in New York, (212) 370-5330. Many publishers, even if you contact them directly, will steer you to the Fox agency. If Fox does not represent the publisher you are seeking try calling the index departments of BMI, (212) 586-2000, or ASCAP, (212) 621-6160. Neither of these agencies clears rights but they may be able to provide information about whom to contact. You may also contact two smaller agencies that clear music rights, SESAC, (615) 320-0055 and AMRA, (813) 488-9695. In recent years, more publishers have been represented by Copyright Management, (615) 327-1517, and Bug Music, (213) 466-4352.

ASCAP Web Site: – click on "ace" and it will allow you to search by title, writer, performer and publisher.

BMI Web Site: – click on "repertoire" and it will allow you to search by title, writer and publisher. Be aware that BMI does not allow you to search by performer, so if there are multiple songs with the same titles and/or if you do not already know who wrote the song or who owns the publishing rights, it may be hard to tell which version you are looking for. If your ASCAP search is unsuccessful, look through the PHONOLOG book, available at some record/CD stores, where you can identify the writer of a particular performer’s song and cross-reference that information with the BMI listings.

Some of the music information above is from an ITVS Prodution booklet. A link on their website leads to an order form for the production manual and accompanying forms. ITVS can be found at .

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