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Assignment 3

Do the Image tutorial, see:

Put a copy of the assignment3 folder into your projects folder located in
classes.vol1/Curricular Resources/et/projects/assignment3

Also create an new folder called assignment3 in your folder located in:
classes.vol1/Curricular Resources/et/projects/students/ your_user_name

1. Create a course website based on the course information contained in the source folder of one of the classes (fs001 or sp373 or ja237) in the assignment 3 folder. Be sure to do the following:
- enclose all elements in tables
- break up content into different pages
- create links to all pages as a footer and/or header

2. Create a image gallery from images in your projects folder using images from the course folder in assignment 3 you used above:
a) Make 2 versions of each image, one which is a thumbnail size (width < 200 pixels or height < 200 pixels) (try adding a drop shadow or vignette) and one which is larger (width < 700 pixels or height < 500 pixels). Save these in a images folder. Within the images folder create a thumb folder for thumbnail images.

b) Define a site in Dreamweaver as follows:
-local root folder should be:
classes.vol1/Curricular Resources/et/projects/assignment3
-remote folder should be:
same as above

c) Create a web page of thumbnails with links to larger images. Best to organize thumbnails in a table and to make the thumbnail image itself a link to the larger version of the image. Name this page index.html.

d) The large version of images should each be on a separate web page. Be sure to include navigation links back to main page (index.html).

For examples of these sites, see:


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