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Assignment 6

1. Create a graphical header with an image map for all the pages in one of the course web site you created (see: Web Page Layout). Make sure your pages also have corresponding text links in footer.

2. Convert this graphical header and your footer links into library items.
(Note: when converting a graphic with an image map into a library item you may lose the image map. If this happen, open the header library and simply recreate the image map links)

3. Use cascading style sheets to redefine the p tag as follows:
a) Within Dreamweaver, chose Window > CSS Styles
b) Chose Text > CSS Styles > New Style
c) Chose to redefine HTML tags: 1)select the p tag 2) Chose a font and pixel size for this tag.
d) Chose now to define a style using the CSS selector: 1) Chose edit style sheet and select the style sheet you saved) 2) Select the a:link tag and edit so that decoration = none and the color contrasts with your text color (define by the p tag above)
e) Chose now to define the a:hover tag from the CSS selector so that its decoration=underline

Advanced: Figure out how to link this new stylesheet to all your pages using global find and replace

When you have done the above, try creating a new course web template using graphical image map headers, footers and/or left column navigation (see: Web Page Layout). Headers, footers and left column navigation should be libraries and/ or templates.

Also look at templates from Dartmouth, see:

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