Student Schedule

Week One


Introduction to course.
Teaching with technology
Overview to web browsers, servers and HTML
Assignment #1

Search Strategies and Evaluating Information
-overview on finding information on the web. See: Evaluating Web Information


Evaluating interface design.
Introduction to Dreamweaver:
-defining and organizing a site
-laying out pages using tables
Assignment #2


Acquiring, manipulating & editing images:
-scanning documents
-manipulating images
-exporting images
Assignment #3

 Week Two


Introduction to web templates
-using web templates
Assignment #4

Advanced web authoring:
-using libraries and templates
-using cascading style sheets
Assignment #6


Introduction to PowerPoint
Assignment #5


Introduction to Audio & Video
-capturing and compressing audio
-linking to and embedding audio files in web pages
-streaming audio
Assignment #8

Week Three



Week Four


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