Chapter 7

The Evil Apartment

[Nekhoroshaia kvartira]

The Evil Apartment: 302bis Sadovaya

Where is the Evil Apartment?

Styopa Likhodeev

six-storey apartment house arranged like the letter pokoi on Sadovaya--Burgin and O'Connor, like every other translator before them, delete this reference to the Russian letter P (pokoi).
Bulgakov says the same about some buildings in Yershalaim in Chapter 26. The name of the letter is the word "peace" that is so important in the novel.

Anna Frantsevna de Fougeret

woodshed where priceless valuables were found

Pyramidon--a pain reliever like aspirin. Aminopyrine, Pyramidon was available in Russia until recently.

And here I am!

Skhodnya--A suburb of Moscow to the north.


Professor of black magic, Woland

huge wax seal--The seal on the door usually meant someone had been arrested and his possessions were sealed for further investigation. Hence Styopa's concern about unnecessary conversations.

thin as a lath and wearing a pince-nez

hefty black cat

Voronezh--A large city in the South of Russia.

Styopa and his guests

fang. . . fiery red hair. . . Azazello