Patterns of Development in Middlebury, Vermont

Welcome. This educational web site allows the user to examine how the Town of Middlebury has changed over the last century and a half. Understanding historical development patterns is an important step in making informed decisions about future development. School children, local residents, real estate agents, developers, city planners, and anyone else interested in observing patterns of rural development can use this web site to gain an appreciation of the changes that Middlebury has undergone over time and to imagine how the town might look in the future.

We focus on three specific regions within the town that have undergone the greatest amount of change: the Town Center, Route 7 as it runs south from the Town Center, and East Middlebury.

To see how one of these regions has changed since 1853, click on one of the images below.

 Route 7 South  Town Center   East Middlebury


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