Have you put in that CFL lightbulb, but still want to do more in the fight against global warming? Learn more here about the ways that you can get involved in the 'Leapfrog' network.

Ignition: What You Can Do to FIght Global Warming and Spark a Movement (forthcoming in June 2007) will be a handbook for the new climate movement.

The What Works conference and a related seminar at Middlebury College in January 2005 brought togehter many leaders of the new climate movement.
Students at Middlebury College continue to help to shape the climate movement

During the month of January 2007, 39 students helped to shape Focus the Nation, an educational initiative dedicated to finding global warming solutions. The students created several projects, including:

On April 14, 2007, 1000s of Americans will Step It Up to call for action on climate change. Organized by a half-dozen Middlebury graduates and Bill McKibben, this event can get you involved in two ways.