Conference and Seminar
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Building a statewide climate campaign
Crafting political support for federal action
Critiquing climate strategies and tactics
Publicizing the urgency of the climate crisis
Reaching out to young progressives and disaffected conservatives
Advancing the web-based and educational work of climate-friendly companies
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Conference and Seminar

In January 2005, 25 students at Middlebury College led a seminar entitled "Building the New Climate Movement". This seminar culminated in a conference on January 25-27, 2005, called "What Works? New Strategies for a Melting Planet". This site contains information on both the conference and the seminar that led to it.


During the seminar, we first reviewed the current state of climate science and policy, and studied selected theories of social movements.

We then collaborated on projects with our service-learning partners, national- and local-level leaders of the new climate movement: Clean Air–Cool Planet, Energy Action, Environmental Defense, The Green House Network, Ben & Jerry's, Energy Action, and the Middlebury Area Global Warming Action Coalition.

We welcome on-line interaction and participation by anyone, from anywhere in the world. We encourage you to do the readings with us, and to offer questions or comments on the site weblog. (or email?)


During the 'What Works?' conference at Middlebury College, participants shared, tested and built strategies for the new climate movement.  Conference participants included climate movement leaders from the nonprofit, business, government, and university sectors.

The conference featured interactive sessions (using World Café and Open Space Technology methodologies) designed to help conference participants develop and refine strategies that will accelerate the new climate movement.  During the conference, participants shared their range of efforts underway in addressing climate change.

The 'What Works?' conference has been generously funded by The BPB Foundation, The Christian A. Johnson Foundation, The Mellon Foundation, The Schumann Foundation, Seventh Generation, the Vermont Campus Compact, and the following contributors from Middlebury College: The Ada Howe Kent Fund; The Alliance for Civic Engagement; The Charles P. Scott Spritual and Religous Life Center; The Office of Environmental Affairs; The Program in Environmental Studies; The Pooled Enrichment Fund; and The Rohatyn Center for International Affairs

American Flatbread and Clif Bar have generously supplied delicious food for the 'What Works?' conference.