The What Works project is dedicated to sharing, testing and building strategies for the new climate movement. Connecting with the organizations below is a great way to start.

CERES is a national network of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working with companies and investors to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network is the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Clean Air - Cool Planet creates partnerships in the Northeast to implement solutions to climate change and build constituencies for effective climate policies and actions.

Climate Biz is a free, Web-based resource to help companies of all sizes and sectors understand and address climate change in a way that aligns environmental responsibility with business success.

Climate Crisis Coalition seeks to broaden the circle of individuals, organizations and constituencies engaged in the global warming issue, to link it with other issues and to provide a structure to forge a common agenda and advance action plans with a united front.

Climate Group is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change.

The Climate Project is a movement to educate and challenge citizens, and governments into action against the growing crisis of global warming.

Earthday Network promotes environmental citizenship and year round progressive action worldwide.

Ecosystem Marketplace seeks to become the world's leading source of information on markets and payment schemes for ecosystem services; services such as water quality, carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

Energy Action is a coalition of more than 30 organizations from across the US and Canada, founded and led by youth to help support and strengthen the student and youth clean energy movement in North America

Energy Foundation is a partnership of major donors interested in solving the world's energy problems. Our mission is to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy — new technologies that are essential components of a clean energy future.

Focus the Nation is a major educational initiative that is coordinating teams of faculty, students and staff at over a thousand colleges, universities and high schools in the United States, to collaboratively engage in a nationwide, interdisciplinary discussion centered around the theme of "Global Warming Solutions for America". unites grassroots organizations and individuals committed to bringing about a timely and effective solution to global warming

The Great Warming - Call to Action is a coalition of religious institutions, corporations, environmental and political leaders are in agreement - we must recognize our moral responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth today and for all future generations. 

Kyoto USA is a grassroots effort to encourage U.S. cities and their citizens to take action to address global warming.

Pew Center on Global Climate Change brings together business leaders, policy makers, scientists, and other experts to bring a new approach to a complex and often controversial issue.

Republicans for Environmental Protection was formed in 1995 to resurrect the GOP's great conservation tradition and to restore natural resource conservation and sound environmental protection as fundamental elements of the Republican Party's vision for America.