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Why Buy Local?

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Welcome to our website, a product of a semester-long ES 401 project.

ES 401A Spring 2002

Our work this semester has entailed traveling around Vermont, primarily in Addison County, to profile some of the local people and places and ways we get our food. The idea all along has been to present this information in a fun, informative, and visual way to educate the college community about local sources of food.

We worked with Charlie Sargent, Head of Purchasing at Middlebury College Dining Services, to identify local vendors, and in the end were able to profile 12 farms, processors, or distributors on posters. We also worked with Matthew Biette, Associate Head of Dining Services, to envision a main reference board, which will accompany a set of 3-4 profiles in each dining hall around campus.

Lastly, our group came up with some local foods labels which will go directly with food items or dishes in the dining halls to indicate that they come from local farms. The landscape painting that is featured on all the posters and labels was done by Morley McBride. The posters, when finished, will be framed using leftover Vermont Family Forests wood from the LaForce Dormitory project.


Why Buy Local?

Middlebury Dining Services and Local Foods Purchasing

Stories and Lessons from Local Producers


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