ES 401A Spring 2002

Why Buy Local?

Middining System

Lessons and Stories


Local Farms

Local Food Processors

Local Food Distributors


Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer

Highlighting the Connections Between
Middlebury College & Local Food Providers


Stories and Lessons from Local Food Providers

Gary Snyder wrote in The Practice of the Wild, "It's time to start thinking about place as an experience." It is the same thing with food. When we visited the farms and businesses that support Middlebury College we began to realize just what this local food experience entails.

  • Many of the small farms that provide Middlebury with fresh produce, dairy, and meat are family farms.
  • Many of these small farms are committed to both the idea and the practice of sustainable agriculture.
  • The reason that Middlebury College is able to support these small farms and at the same time maintain a smooth and seemingly effortless dining program is through the often-unseen process of distribution.


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