ES 401A Spring 2002

Why Buy Local?

Middining System

Lessons and Stories


Local Farms

Local Food Processors

Local Food Distributors


Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer

Highlighting the Connections Between
Middlebury College & Local Food Providers


Who are We?

ES 401A (Spring 2002) is a Middlebury College Environmental Studies senior seminar. The goal of this class is to learn about a specific topic and apply to a "real world" situation. This years seminar was focused on the Evolving Idea of Stewardship here in Vermont. We read many authors from George Perkins Marsh to Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Wendell Berry, and others.

Our particular group focused on Middlebury College's local food purchasing policy as a way to celebrate the existing local connections and facilitate more by establishing relationships with local farmers, processors, and distributors, educating the student body and greater college community, and deepening our own sense of stewardship by getting involved with in the food web from farm to table.


Contributing group members include:

Benjamin Calvi

Megan Gremelspacher

Jen Marlow

Morley Mcbride

Lee Perlow

Sarah Rosow

Tim Sinnott

Dane Springmayer

Maria Young



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