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Lewis Creek Farms

Located in: Starksboro, Vermont

Supplies Middlebury College with: fresh vegetables, strawberries, herbs, eggs, lamb

Lambs of Lewis Creek

Hank and Cecilia Bissell, with their son Sam, have owned and operated the farm since 1981. Hank is president of the Vermont Vegetable & Berry Growers' Association.

The farm and family are committed to sustainable agriculture, believing that "sustainable agriculture emphasizes ecological management over chemical intervention." Most of Lewis Creek's crops are unsprayed or sprayed with organic pesticides. Integrated Pest Management and crop rotation are two of the forward-thinking methods used by the Bissell family to keep the land and food healthy and chemical-free. Over 200 varieties of plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables are grown, employing 12 Vermonters at the peak of the summer.

Accounts with Middlebury College and other Vermont food vendors like Mary's Restaurant and the Middlebury Inn allow Lewis Creek to stay small and local (and to be good to their chickens!). Middlebury College buys from Lewis Creek through Burlington Food Service, an arrangement that benefits both the College and the farm. Lewis Creek and Middlebury are also working to strengthen their relationship, as the farm grows crops especially for the College, and Middlebury Dining Services plans menus around Lewis Creek's available produce.





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