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Wilcox Dairy

Located in: Manchester, Vermont

Supplies Middlebury College with: specialty ice cream


The Wilcox family has owned their farm for 6 generations. Today, Howard Wilcox, along with his daughter Chris and son Craig manage the cows, the ice cream making, and the distribution.

The 403-acre farm supports 70-80 cows for milking. These cows are rBGH-free and provide enough fluid milk for 400 gallons of ice cream a day, sold throughout Vermont. Unlike many ice cream makers,Wilcox uses only all-natural additives like real bourbon vanilla and real fruit, and always uses brand-name candy items like Oreos and HeathBars.

Being the oldest ice cream manufacturer in Vermont has given Wilcox Dairy more than a catchy slogan for its truck. Howard Wilcox has a lot of valuable experience that allows him to make ice cream using the "batch method"-he can "custom design" one flavor after another, rather than mass-producing. This makes for a better-tasting ice cream, which is one reason why Middlebury College has been buying ice cream from Wilcox for 20 years.

On May 7, 2001, the milking barn and manufacturing plant burned down. Rather than selling their land to developers, the Wilcoxes will rebuild, with the support of Vermont Land Trust and the local community.





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