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In this project, we worked with the Environmental Defense Undo It Campaign, to build support for the McCain - Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act

Student Group Statement

This project involved work with Environmental Defense to create a campaign proposal with the overall goal of passing the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act. Environmental Defense’s strategy is to convince New Hampshire, Republican Senator John Sununu, the only Northeastern Senator who has not pledged support for this legislation, to vote for the act.

This is of importance not only for Sununu’s support of the bill, but also because Environmental Defense hopes that with Sununu’s vote will come the vote of New Hampshire’s two Republican House members. The McCain-Lieberman act would be the first piece of legislation in the U.S. to regulate CO2 emissions. While the overall cut-backs of this cap-and-trade system are moderate, they would provide a first step towards curbing emissions in the U.S.

Our strategy for the campaign proposal is based on the creation of a power map, which will help us to visually illustrate Sununu’s personal and political connections in order to persuade him to change his vote. Examples may include where he lives, who is important in his life, where he attends religious services, his constituents, his staff, and who contributes to his campaign. Finally, we will try to come to understand the political landscape of New Hampshire in order to aid us in persuading Sununu to change his vote. Our final product will be a formal campaign proposal to convince Senator Sununu to support the bill.