Conference and Seminar
Service Learning Projects
Building a statewide climate campaign
Crafting political support for federal action
Critiquing climate strategies and tactics
Publicizing the urgency of the climate crisis
Reaching out to young progressives and disaffected conservatives
Advancing the web-based and educational work of climate-friendly companies
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Student Group Statement

Environmental Action

Our Service-Learning project focuses on expanding the base of support for the climate movement by identifying potential partner organizations in four areas of interest related to, or effected by, climate change (religion, labor, agriculture/farming and peace and justice); creating a strategic framework through which to build mutually beneficial relationships with each organization; and helping to link these organizations with the Energy Action coalition. We have begun our work with Billy Parish and Liz Cunningham of Energy Action, but hope to also work closely with a number of partner organization liaisons as the project develops. At the end of our project we will pass our written strategic frameworks for working with each organization and contacts at each organization on to the national coordinators of Energy Action. Our work with Energy Action has the potential to broaden the scope of the climate movement far beyond the traditional environmental base and to expand the network of young progressives working on the issue, contributing to the critical mass of youth that may be necessary to reach the next "tipping point" for the security of our generation's future.