Conference and Seminar
Service Learning Projects
Building a statewide climate campaign
Crafting political support for federal action
Critiquing climate strategies and tactics
Publicizing the urgency of the climate crisis
Reaching out to young progressives and disaffected conservatives
Advancing the web-based and educational work of climate-friendly companies
Reading List
Program (.pdf)
In this project, we will take on the preposterous 'climate crisis denial' coalition, a hodge-podge of industry-financed spokespeople and other folks who are making money through their climate denial. In doing so, we will spread the word about the urgency of the climate crisis.

Student Project Statement

Our objectives are to create the following:

  • A catchy and appropriate name for the award
  • A prize for the recipient that addresses the issue
  • A website to provide information regarding the award, its nominees and the current efforts of the movement
  • Publicity, through our announcement of the award at the “What Works” conference, as well as through other media channels
  • A formal announcement / presentation of the award
  • A framework for annual presentation
  • Stickiness/resonance

We are working in partnership with The Green House Network (specifically, founder Eban Goodstein)

Our product: presentation of an award, through a website and formal announcement at the "What Works" conference, that increases awareness, educates, discredits and resonates.

The role we see our work playing in the climate change movement: the award will increase awareness of climate change and the misinformation surrounding the issue through publicity and creative framing. Furthermore, the website will provide testimonials and scientific information that will serve to debunk the arguments advanced by these skeptics.

Flouting scientific opinion, Stossel promoted Michael Crichton's global warming skepticism
Here's a great example of preposterous 'climate crisis denial.' What do you think?